7th Grade Tackle Program

The BYF 7th Grade Tackle Program is the first full contact league for our players.  The BYF system is specifically designed to imitate the BHS program and provide players a head start unto becoming a future “Bulldog!”  Our goal is to successfully move all of these players to the high school level.  We realize this is done in many ways, the most important by providing a safe and positive environment.

BYF is committed to providing your student-athlete the opportunity to learn and develop football's basic skills and fundamental.  Batavia High School Football will be fully supporting this program throughout the entire pre-season and season. We believe the incredible price, combined with the professional coaching planned for your student-athlete, will make this the premiere feeder program in the state
of Illinois.

Program Highlights

  • Group and full team development

  • Offensive and defensive terminology, formations and basic plays

  • Professional coaching through Batavia High School Football

  • Batavia High School mentors

  • Bulldog structure and organization -- on and off the field

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