5th / 6th Grade Flag League

The BYF 5th / 6th Grade Flag League is not only an instructional league meant to teach young players the value of teamwork and sportsmanship, but it also introduces a degree of competition to get young players used to the rewards of hard work and execution.  Registration info will be available soon.

All coaches have the responsibility to make this a FUN, REWARDING environment for all BYF participants.


2019 Schedule & Scores


Regular Season: Teams listed first will be the visiting team, will wear pinnies and call coin toss

Playoffs: Highest seeded teams are listed first and will be "Home" team.

Field Map / Diagram


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Team Standings

What to Expect

Field Dimensions

  • 45 yards long x 30 yards wide

  • 10-yard end zone

Game Length

  • Two 25-minute halves with a running clock

  • One 60-second timeout per half
  • Clock will stop during the last 2 minutes of game for the following:

    • Incomplete pass

    • Out of bounds

    • Change of possession

    • Scoring

    • First down until ball is set

  • When time expires, game is over.  You cannot finish a drive.

Game Play

  • Each series begins at 45-yard line with 1st downs at 30- and 15-yard lines

    • 30-second play clock once ball is set

    • Three plays to get to 30 (15 yards)

    • Three plays to get to 15 (15 yards)

    • Four plays to score (15 yards)

    • “Loss of down” penalties on 3rd down or on 4th down inside 15-yard line result in turnover on downs

  • One running play per set of downs – Only pitches behind the line of scrimmage, a direct handoff or a shovel pass are legal running plays

    • The QB cannot run

    • If QB laterals to a RB, he can throw it, however, the rusher no longer needs to count and can immediately attempt to capture the RB flag

    • Passes must occur to receivers outside the tackle box

    • No running plays within 15 yards of end zone

    • Penalty: Loss of down and play from previous spot

  • Five-second clock for QB to throw ball

    • Penalty: Loss of down and play from previous spot

  • All players are eligible receivers


  • Offensive Touchdown = 6 points

  • Extra point from 3-yard line = 1 point

  • Two-point conversion from 10-yard line = 2 points

  • Interception = 3 points and change of possession

    • Interceptions can NOT be advanced for a touchdown

  • Turnover on downs = 2 points

    • Note: Defensive points are not awarded when the offense fails to convert because time runs out.


  • Keep time, spot the ball and call penalties

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7 on 7 Flag Football

Any player can quarterback

Blocking consists of getting in the way

No grabbing, holding, shoving, pushing in the back, extending of arms

Penalty: Loss of down and play from previous spot

NO Stiff Arming/Flag Guarding/Lowering Shoulder/Diving

Penalty: Ball is down at the spot

Illegal Rush

Penalty: Replay the down from the previous spot


Ball is dead where it hits the ground.

Player loses their flag

Ball is down at the spot; if player loses his flag before he catches the ball, the player is down at the spot of the catch

Defense: No rushing the quarterback

Penalty: Replay down from previous spot

Muffed Snap

Dead Ball: Loss of down

Offensive Pass Interference (OPI)

Penalty: Loss of down and play from previous spot

Defensive Pass Interference (DPI)

Penalty: Move to next 1st down and start with new set of downs

Within 15 yard line, replay the down to keep the game moving

Unsportsmanlike Conduct will NOT be tolerated

Examples: Swearing, excessive roughness, taunting etc.

  • Penalty: Same as OPI/DPI

  • First Offense - verbal warning

  • Second Offense - the player is removed for the rest of the current series

  • Third Offense - the player is removed for the remainder of the game

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