3rd / 4th Grade Flag League

The BYF 3rd & 4th Grade Flag League is an instructional league meant to continue kids' grasp of football as well as to teach young players the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.  Registration info will be available soon.

All coaches have the responsibility to make this a FUN, REWARDING environment for all BYF participants.


2019 Schedule


Team listed first will be the visiting team, will wear pinnies and call coin toss

Field Map / Diagram


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What to Expect

Field Dimensions

  • 45 yards long x 30 yards wide

  • 10-yard end zone

Game Length

  • Two 25-minute halves with a running clock

  • One 60-second timeout per half

Game Play - Offense

  • A coin flip will determine which team starts the game on Offense or Defense

    • The opposite team gets the ball to start the 2nd half

  • No kickoffs or punts

  • Each series begins at the 5-yard line

  • Four plays to get a first down at midfield

  • Four plays to score once a first down at midfield is achieved

  • Running plays are allowed on every other play

    • Quarterback scrambles are considered a running play

Game Play – Defense

  • One designated player can rush from the line of scrimmage

    • The player or coach will count to 5 at a normal pace (i.e. 1 dot, 1 apple, 1 mississippi, etc.)

  • Interceptions are live and may be advanced

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7 on 7 Flag Football

  • Any player can play quarterback


Blocking consists of getting in the way

NO grabbing, holding, shoving, pushing in the back or extending the arms

Penalty: Replay the down from the previous spot

NO Stiff Arming/Flag Guarding/Lowering Shoulder/Diving

Penalty: Ball is down at the spot

Illegal/early rush

Penalty: Replay the down from the previous spot


Ball is down at the spot

Player loses their flag

Ball is down at the spot; if player loses his flag before he catches the ball, the player is down at the spot of the catch

Muffed snap

Dead Ball – Loss of down

Offensive Pass Interference (OPI)

Penalty: Loss of down and play from previous spot

Defensive Pass Interference (DPI)

Penalty: Replay the down

Unsportsmanlike Conduct will NOT be tolerated

Penalty: Same as OPI/DPI

  • First offense – verbal warning

  • Second offense - the player is removed for the rest of the current series

  • Third offense – the player is removed for the remainder of the game

    • Examples – swearing, excessive roughness, taunting, etc.

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