1st / 2nd Grade Teams/Rosters

What to Expect

Field Dimensions

  • 45 yards long x 20 yards wide

  • 10-yard end zone

Game Length

  • Two 25-minute halves with a running clock

    • If time expires, offensive team can finish a drive

  • One 60-second timeout per half

Game Play - Offense

  • A BYF High School Player/Coach plays quarterback

  • A coin flip will determine which team starts the game on Offense or Defense

    • The opposite team gets the ball to start the 2nd half

  • No kickoffs or punts

  • Each series begins at the 5-yard line

  • Four plays to get a first down at midfield

  • Four plays to score once a first down at midfield is achieved

  • Running plays are allowed on every other play

Game Play – Defense

  • One designated player can rush from the line of scrimmage 

    • A High School player/coach will be on the field to hold the players jersey

    • The player/coach will then count to five ("One Mississippi") and tell the player when to rush

  • Interceptions are live and may be advanced

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7 on 7 touch footbal

  • 7th player on Offense is the HS Player

Two Hand Touch


Blocking consists of getting in the way

NO grabbing, holding, shoving, pushing in the back, extending of arms.

Penalty: Replay the down from the previous spot

NO Stiff Arming/Flag Guarding/Lowering Shoulder/Diving

Penalty: Ball is down at the spot

Illegal/Early rush

Penalty: Replay the down from the previous spot


Ball is down at the spot

Offensive Pass Interference (OPI)

Penalty: Loss of down and play from previous spot

Defensive Pass Interference (DPI)

Penalty: Replay the down

Unsportsmanlike Conduct will NOT be tolerated

Penalty: Same as OPI/DPI

  • First offense – verbal warning

  • Second offense - the player is removed for the rest of the current series

  • Third offense – the player is removed for the remainder of the game

    • Examples : swearing, excessive roughness, taunting, etc.

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