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7th & 8th GRADE




Begins March 2, 2020

Explore the Game

Explore football in a more free-form style that kids enjoy -- like a backyard football game!

Learn the Game

Learn the rules and fundamental skills of the game in a fun, safe environment

Experience All Positions of the Game

Enjoy equal playing time and experience a wide range of positions, instead of being “pigeon-holed” based on body size or early skill development

Avoid Burn Out

BYF encourages kids to participate in other activities during our season.  Simplicity is our foundation to ensure both kids and parents enjoy our league.  Our league is consistent and easy ... nothing else compares to how our league is run

Represent Their Community

Enjoy the benefits of a true community program!  BYF works in conjunction with Batavia High School football and the Batavia community.  High school football coaches and players are actively involved in the program.

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Billy Colamatteo, BYF President

Brad Feller, BYF 1st - 6th Grade Coordinator